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Pottery has always been a passion, ever since I got my O’Level in it - yes in those days you could do O’Levels in such cushy subjects.

I still dabble and drift along to a local pottery class which is usually infested with women from the chattering / coffee morning brigade.

I often think what a proper job it would have been instead of being a professional nerd. Just think come Armageddon potters will be able to make a valuable contribution, but who’ll need a high priest of IT?

When you get on that wheel it’s the ultimate in relaxation. Just let the clay lead you where it wants. That’s usually because I’ve no real plan of what I’m going to do. The chattering /coffee morning classes may be chunnering away in the background but I’m oblivious to it. The throwing and turning an elegant foot just can’t be beat. But then comes the decoration and the glazing, not something I really enjoy, and the element of my work that always lets me down.

One day, when I get more time, I’ll invest in a kiln. But before then I need to spend some time hand building pots, rather than just wheel work, and invest in better decoration and glazing skills.

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