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Our Retirement Lifestyle

Now that we're retired I have only one Key Performance Indicator (KPI) left to rule my life - “Spend at least 6 months a year travelling outside the UK”. Well hopefully this is going to be the life style from now on. Not just sat around but travelling around Europe and the World, seeing different places and experiencing different cultures - even the French.

Retirement Plans - After 6 years I think we’ve finally decided on a basic year plan:

  • January at home - unfortunately.
  • February through mid April go on our proper holiday for 10 weeks skiing in America, usually Park City - awesome.
  • April to May home. Possibly a couple of weeks caravanning in France.
  • June, July and to mid August somewhere in America, more than likely Park City for the hiking, biking and concerts - awesome.
  • August to September home - cut the lawn! Well I would if we had one.
  • October through mid December probably road trip in America folllowed by a cruise.
  • Christmas - maybe at home.

As we tell the kids it’s not a holiday we’re just living in different countries and frittering away your inheritance.