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I also offer consultancy services on Alarm Receiving Centre development, design, management and operation, with special emphasis on BS5979 and BS8418. See my CV page.

I have a role as non-exec director for a small web based software company and do some consultancy for a Blue Chip CCTV Alarm Receiving Centre. These help me keep up to date and mentally active without requiring too major a commitment in time. The majority of my work is carried out remotely on our travels, all I need is the Internet - mind you in France that’s a major miracle.

In addition I provide common sense, end user orientated, web site reviews, testing and critique services. So many web sites have not been tested properly, lack common sense and are just not end user focused. End result, the potential customer is frustrated and goes elsewhere. Let me do a mystery browser review of your website and only if you're satisfied with my findings do you pay me.