EU Referendum In or Out - A Simple Test to Help You Decide

Many people are undecided; bemused by all the contradicting so called facts; traumatised by the project fear pronouncements; have no idea which way to jump. This is a simple test to help you decide. At the end of the day it is up to you to way the evidence, decide what you believe, and what issues are important to you.

I’ve spent many weeks sifting the evidence and my take on it all, for what it's worth, is that no one is capable of forecasting the economy a week ahead, never mind years ahead, so any economic arguments from the project fear campaign of financial ruin is just talk. To me the real issues are longer term, are about immigration, democracy, security, sovereignty, controlling our destiny and putting the "Great" back into Britain. For me my mind is LET'S GET OUT.

This is the last chance to get out before we loose our identity and are subsumed into an Undemocratic United States of Europe.

As part of my research; for a bit of fun; to improve my technical skills; because I’m a nerd with too much time on my hands I’ve put together this Test. I hope it helps, hopefully to decide to vote out. Believe it or not I have tried to retain balance and avoid too much bias. Try it and see. Please feel free to share it with friends by going to

Bureaucracy - the EU has encroached too far into domestic policies, eroding national sovereignty and stifled business through over regulation.

Clout - do we have more clout by being within the EU? Please select ALL of the statements below you agree with:

Economics - is a key battle ground with arguments from both camps, a myriad of confusing statistics and a daily ration of fear and tales of woe. As most economist seem incapable of forecasting even a week ahead, it beggars belief that any of the horrors or benefits have any credibility. Please select ALL of the statements below you agree with:

Immigration - this issue has many facets and is one of the key areas of concern. Please select ALL of the statements below that you agree with:

Jobs - Select the statement below that you most agree with.

Laws - Select the statement below that you most agree with.

Negotiations - David David Cameron's deal with the EU is a disappointing compromise and legal opinion has it that 6 of the 7 items he’s come back with could be overridden. The deal does not go far enough justify remaining in the EU.

Security - Please select ALL of the statements below you agree with:

Sovereignty - our sovereignty and ability to govern ourselves is severely hampered by remaining a member of the EU.

Trade - will increase if we leave the EU. Britain’s links with the EU are holding back its focus on the commonwealth and emerging markets – there is no major trade deal with China or India, for example. Leaving would allow the UK to diversify its international links and to the Commonwealth.