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30th May 2013 - 2 weeks in the Print Dristrict of Chicago

Another great home exchange this time in an authentic 1 bedroom loft, 9 floors up in the Print District in downtown Chicago. Again being simple country folk we were really a tad apprehensive about big city Chicago. Every one we met said oh what a dangerous city. But the loft was a unique experience and we even had the cutest cat you can imagine to stay with us. Roberta and Jerry had also provided a car, but to be honest we didn’t use it much as being in down town it was more of a liability. Better to use shanks pony or the train. As for dangerous, we never felt threatened.

Chicago really surprised us. What a great city plenty to see and do just within the city. Walking was great, really got to see the place. Had a few cultural moments with a play at the Stepenwolf and a visit to the art museum. How anyone can be daft enough to pay such silly money for an all white canvas or a paint splat amazes us.

For more details of this trip go to our blog.